Asiana Group of companies are a diverse but focussed curated mix of property, lifestyle investments and services, operating in Indonesia since 2002 and now an International benchmark in the sectors we occupy.  Our expertise, experience and corporate history combined with our commitment to style, design and luxury make Asiana group the iconic market leader that it is.

History and culture

The secret to our success is based on our commitment to the following principles and considerations;

  • Location, we always selects the site in the main area of the city, and carefully analyzed it before the start the project.
  • Quality, start from concept design, choosing the right architect and other consultant also the selection of contractor.
  • Relationships, we always think our customer as part of our self and therefore we always think for the best of our customer interest, but without compromising our goals.

Expertise and precision

The Asiana team span a wide spectrum of corporate and creative diversity formulating a strong team offering the best in class developments, concepts,  brands and services operating to the highest standards and international protocols.